HUMAP  兵庫・アジア太平洋大学間ネットワーク Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • 氏名:C. Y [ 台湾 ]

  • 受入期間:2018年10月01日 ~ 2019年08月09日
  • 受入大学:神戸大学
  • 在籍大学:国立台湾海洋大学


Taiwan had colonized by Japan. Until now, there are some influence of Japan at Taiwan, such as Presidential Office Building and Taiwanese Hokkien(台湾語). Presidential Office Building which was built by Japan. Taiwanese Hokkien which have many words came from Japanese. Although Taiwan had colonized by Japan, but Taiwanese is feeling well to Japan. Japanese is very polite and orderly. Therefore Japanese street is most clean. Many Taiwanese would like to live in Japan. I am also not an exception. So, I want to live in Japan by exchange student program.

Besides living in Japan, I will also advance my Japanese. Now, it is more important to have the foreign language ability. Japanese mechanical products are also world famous. Mechanics is my major. I hope I have chance to increase professional knowledge in the course in Kobe University.

We will encounter local students and many different country’s students by exchange student program.

I greatly appreciate the HUMAP scholarship. It helps me to have a great experience in Japan.


Everything was not familiar at first week in Japan. I didn’t know how to go school, where was the supermarket. Although Taiwan and Japan are near (geography, food), there are many differences like habit and culture. At school, I can encounter a lot of people who are from many different countries. I have opportunity to meet many foreigners, so I can broaden my horizons.

I can learn many Japanese habit and commonsense in the class. Teacher is good for us. I hope I also improve my English ability. So that, I can talk with Western people who aren’t good at speaking Japanese.

I am living a meaning school life and I really appreciate HUMAP scholarship.


My students life in Japan will end up soon. I still remember that in the beginning life in Japan was very new and uncommon for me, but with time I adapted to Japanese life and my eagerness and strong will to learn more about Japanese culture including festival and activities did not cease. Regarding the fact that life in a foreign country sometimes is not easy, now I am glad and happy to make the decision to study over here. I am cordially thankful for all those Japan experiences. I hope in the future Japan and Taiwan will strengthen their bounds and go on working together, politically, economically and culturally. Due to the fact that this year, I was surrounded by Japanese culture and all those nice Japanese people, I was able to make obvious improvements in my Japanese language acquisition, even if I feel it is still not enough. But highly motivated I will go on studying Japanese.
It may also become a plus point for a successful job application.
During my students life over here, I was lucky enough to meet many hilarious Japanese and foreign friends, so that I was able to learn a lot about other cultures in our globalized world.
In all in this marvelous year, I got a lot of unique experiences that let me as a person grow so much.