Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific

Purpose of HUMAP

HUMAP (Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific) began in May 2000 with the goal of deepening exchanges between universities in Hyogo and throughout the Asia-Pacific region, improving local education and research, and nurturing talent that will take charge of future development.

HUMAP’s operations consist mainly of two pillars: “International student exchange” by providing scholarships to students studying abroad, and “International academic exchange” by promoting collaborative research through networking.

Business Details

Through consignment of the Hyogo Earthquake Memorial 21st Century Research Institute, HUMAP has begun the following projects to promote international student exchange and international academic exchange between participating HUMAP universities.
To receive assistance, the application must be submitted the year before the start date of studying abroad. Please confer with your university for more information.

Division No. of Participants Support Provided
Short-term international student support Accepted 25
6 months to 1 year  *Enrollment in home-country university
Scholarship: 80,000 yen / month
Dispatched 10
6 months to 1 year  *Enrollment in university in Hyogo
Scholarship: 60,000 ? 100,000 yen / month (Amount set according to destination)
Designated cities: 100,000 yen / month Region A: 80,000 yen / month
Region B: 70,000 yen / month  Region C: 60,000 yen / month
Researcher exchange support Accepted 5
1 month to 1 year
Round-trip travel and stay expenses (fixed monthly amount)

Participating Universities

HUMAP is an international academic exchange network between universities in Hyogo and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
For a university to participate in HUMAP, a predetermined procedure must be initiated under the name of the university representative (president).
The support offered by HUMAP is designed for participating universities only.
  • 日本
  • オーストラリア
  • バングラディッシュ
  • ブラジル
  • カナダ
  • 中国
  • 台湾
  • インドネシア
  • 韓国
  • モンゴル
  • ニュージーランド
  • フィリピン
  • タイ
  • アメリカ
  • ベトナム
  • India
  • 国連



The following links can be used to download material related to the various categories for international study. Click on the link to download the required material.