HUMAP  兵庫・アジア太平洋大学間ネットワーク Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • 氏名:H. W [ フランス ]

  • 受入期間:2018年10月01日 ~ 2019年08月09日
  • 受入大学:神戸大学
  • 在籍大学:リール大学


If I am taking part of this exchange, it is because my main goal is to improve my skills in Japanese, but also to see the differences between the French and Japanese way to teach languages. In fact, I think I will pursue my studies into didactics and the language teaching. So this year will be useful to understand another way to do this work.
I have decided to apply to Faculty of Letters, because I think it is the best way to focus on the language and to improve quickly. Furthermore, I hope to meet other students which are interested in languages, culture and linguistics, as I am, and to share about this with them.
For this exchange, Kobe University seems to be a great opportunity for me because in my French mind Kansai is quieter than the bustling city that is Tokyo, but also because it is known for its cultural and historical wealth. Even if I have lived without my family for a few years, I think it will be an outstanding experience to learn how to live with another way of life.


I have been more than four months in Kobe, and I have to say that I am more than happy that I applied for the university of Kobe. Living in this area of the Japan is real opportunity to discover its cultural and historical wealth. Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Himeji are really close and affordable, and Kobe itself is a pleasant city full of life where you can learn and enjoy yourself every single day. Even if I am still a bit scared to speak aloud in Japanese, the daily life is the best way to improve myself. I am joyfully surprised that every Japanese person I tried to speak to toke the time to understand my precarious Japanese. The university itself is place you want to go to : the lessons are well organized, and you can see that the teachers and the are really trying to help you. You are also able to meet with people from all around the world, you learn their ways of thinking in class, and outside you can improve your English. And, finally, above all, the tutor system is a blessing : I am more than thankful to my tutor who helps me a lot when I have questions about Japanese language or way of life. I know that my report may seem « too positive », but I am honestly grateful to be able to live here and to study in this university.


For the last part of my study abroad, I attended classes that were maybe for a level more advanced than mine. Even if I am not sure how the results will turn, I think that it was a good experience to progress, as even if I am terribly shy, I think I improve my speaking skill, and the reading and writing classes were very interesting. I also had the opportunity to take part of a French class to help students to translate French texts to Japanese. I knew I was interested in teaching before, but this experience had confirmed to me that it was the way I want to follow.
I also continued my visit of Japan. I visited Sasayama castle, Koya mount (for a person who loves architecture and spirituality as I do, it was a real experience) and the main event of the end part of my visit here was the hanami in front of the Himeji castle, and the light spectacle at night nearby the castle. The same kind of event took place a few weeks ago in Kobe with a lantern festival for Tanabata. Finally, I hope I will be able to go to Hiroshima before I come back to France. Obviously for the historical reasons, the "French cook" cliché that I would like to try the Okonomiyaki of Hiroshima, as I have already tried the Osaka one.
For my last weeks in Japan, I will try to see and do as many things as I can. But one thing is sure, it is that I really enjoyed my study abroad here, that I am and will be thankful for this experience and Kobe will stay kind of a "hometown" in my heart from now.