Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:S.M [ 日本 ]

  • Acceptance period:Aug. 27, 2018 ~ May. 9, 2019
  • Acceptance university:セントマーチンズ大学
  • University enrolled:武庫川女子大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

I became interested in studying abroad when I visited Canada two years ago. In Canada, I went to language school every day where I met various people from all over the world. Through the time in Canada, I realized my point of view was too narrow and needed to be improved. During classes in the language school, I was also disappointed on how much I did not know about things. In a speaking class, even though I could speak English words and sentences, I could not discuss most subjects since I had little knowledge of them. I felt frustrated and realized the necessity of studying the contents as well as the language. This experience strongly influenced me to apply for this exchange program.
There are following three main purposes of this studying abroad. As I explained above, the first purpose is to widen my point of view and consider things in a flexible way. In Saint Martin’s University, there are many exchange students as well as American students. I would like to be exposed to diverse ways of thinking there. My second purpose is to learn not only the language, but also the contents. To use English as a tool, I want to improve my insufficient knowledge of the things around me. The last purpose is to cultivate the persistence to challenge myself in a different environment. I might encounter many hardships since it is my first time to try an undergraduate study abroad program and leave Japan for about a year. However, I will try my very best for these aims.

Experience while studying abroad

  Although I major in Business Administration at Saint Martin’s University, I am also taking a Political Science class this semester. The classes that I am taking this semester are Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), Organizational Management, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, and Global Issues. The similarity point of these classes is that we have so many group works and discussions in these classes, which we rarely do in Japanese universities. Through these activities, I can learn more than just listening to the lectures, which I am very satisfied with. In IMC class, we have a small internship program where we help actual companies or organizations as marketing students. As I wrote in the last essay, one of the reasons that I decided to study in the US was that I wanted to obtain knowledge in a different field other than English, which I have been learning in my original university. Through the process of learning English for many years, I had realized that a language is just a tool and I need some ways to use it. Therefore, the internship is such a meaningful project for me to learn more and it also reminded me how much I have learned in Saint Martin’s University. Even though, it was just for a year, studying business became one of my strengths.
  In Saint Martin’s University, there is diversity among the students, including international students like me. Listening to different kind of opinions have influenced my point of view and changed my perspective. One thing that I am surprised about here at Saint Martin’s University was that the students who are younger than me were interested in politics and they were also earnest about the presidential election. They told me their strong opinions about politics and that was very interesting. When I was in Japan, even though I was interested in politics and elections, a little bit, I seldom discussed politics with my friends. I was impressed that they claim their opinion out loud and pay close attention to politics.
  It has been already 9 months since I came here. Time has flown so fast and the remaining time here is so limited. I would like to take advantage of the time at Saint Martin’s University and learn as much as possible before going back to Japan.

Results of study abroad, future goals

  My year-long experiences and challenges have finally finished. My most impressive discovery in the US is the core cultures differences. I was underrating that I would not struggle with cultural differences especially after all of my experiences of studying abroad in North American countries, yet I was able to find deeper cultural differences that I had ever encountered before.
  Life in the US gave me opportunities to ponder on how Japan and I should be. My friends always startled me with their insights towards some events, which inspired me to reconsider myself. This experience became a key event for me to have a different perspective to see myself and Japanese society.
  I was able to feel how much my 10 months in the US was enriched with so many experiences and discoveries after I completed all of my goals which I stated 10 months ago. Before going to the US, I was worried about my future. After these 10 months, I now have my new goals for the future and I found what I want to do with my knowledge that I got through studying business in the US. I am very satisfied with all of my time and experiences over in the US. From now on, I would like to continue working hard on maximizing the benefits that I have earned through these experiences.