Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:L.F [ アメリカ ]

  • Acceptance period:Jun. 1, 2018 ~ Jul. 15, 2018
  • Acceptance university:甲南大学
  • University enrolled:ハワイ大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

Before this trip started, my main objective while in Japan was to try a new martial art. I really wanted to try Aikido because I've never done it before. I've been to Japan four times already, but there are still many things that I want to see. That is why I wanted to do this home stay. Also, I find Japanese culture very interesting so I wanted to learn more through cultural immersion.

Experience while studying abroad

Every day I am trying to make new friends. I accomplish this by going into Loft to help the Konan students with their English, and also by going out with other foreign exchange students and introducing myself to their friends. Everyone is always willing to hang out so I find it hard to choose sometimes. My host family is great. The food they make is delicious and I feel they give me just enough freedom to enjoy my life in Japan!

Results of study abroad, future goals

This experience has made me want to live in Japan again sometime in the future. Through this experience I have made some great friends, so I really don't want to go home. My host family has become just like a real family to me, and I can tell them anything. For example, "there's a girl in school that I like!" or "I actually don't like cucumbers..."

After this study abroad experience, I really want to join the foreign exchange student club at my school. I want to meet more people from Kansai and master Kansai dialect. This program has helped me decide that after college I want to enter the JET program. My goal is to become fluent in Japanese!