Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:Fan Siyuan [ 中国 ]

  • Acceptance period:Apr. 1, 2018 ~ Feb. 28, 2019
  • Acceptance university:神戸学院大学
  • University enrolled:大連理工大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

My major is Japanese in the university.I was interested in the geography and culture of Japan when I was in university. I understand the importance of foreign cultural exchange, so I think I must come to Japan and make progresses with Japanese college students together.
The purpose of studying abroad is mainly to test my own possibilities. I have just arrived in Japan,and I am sure I will meet all kinds of challenges. As an international student, I do have something difficult for me, but I will try to use Japanese as much as possible .It is important to maintain a positive attitude towards everything. At the same time,I think the most important thing is not only to use Japanese but to use Japanese to gain knowledge. I want to improve my ability and aptitude about planning and practicing things .And i want to be a better learner in a year of studying abroad.

Experience while studying abroad

I entered Kobe Gakuin University since April of this year and it is almost five months soon. I started to live by myself, I realized the difference between the lives of China and Japan exactly.
Fashion in clothing, China and Japan, which is the neighbor of Japan, is not so much different. Rather, both countries have deeply influenced Western fashion, so we can see European and American brands well in town. Of course, there are also minor differences. Young people in Japan from China prefer a shallow color, many boys with long hair, girls like to put tops in the bottom.
Also,the Japanese like cold food. In the summer, things that take countermeasures against extreme heat such as Chinese, cold sweets and sweet alcohol at the supermarket will be very popular among people.
Japanese college students live alone almost entirely. Since I graduate from high school, there are many people who borrow apartments alone, so I only have to ask myself, so I will part-time and pay my expenses. I think that I am wonderful.
Acting by train has long been established in Japanese society. People of a wide range of age groups, such as salaried workers and students, used the train almost every day. Among them, the thing that I admire most is sticking to time. At any time, the appearance of the people who are running and passing through the ticket gates is a terribly special landscape. In order to be late by one minute, you must be in time for this train, so it may be the most important rule for Japanese society to keep time.
To avoid the cleanliness, honesty, inconvenience of Japanese living in such society, to stick to work. For all of the excellent qualities people have, it is something to learn. Even if I go back to China, I want to tell my friends about Japanese lifestyle and Japanese wonderfulness.

Results of study abroad, future goals

I studied abroad for a year was really early. It finished in no time. Looking back over the year, not only my Japanese ability but also the possibilities expanded to let me study various things and experience various exchange activities. I think that I was really good at studying abroad.
In the past year, I received a lot of lessons. As an international student, I studied not only Japanese culture, but also the society and culture of Asia including China and the EU of Europe and the United States. In the previous term, we received cultural lessons like "Western society and culture Ⅱ", "Asia-Africa society and culture Ⅱ", "Japanese traditional culture", "Chinese culture", the field of vision has expanded, I listened to events and learned themselves as knowledge. Also, I received classes such as Japanese situation, modern international relations, modern management, tourism lecture Ⅲ (region · urban tourism theory). For me who is interested in various fields, I think that it will be useful in the future. I also took classes of generic skill training and sports science exercise B (table tennis). I was able to train the body. In addition, I also took classes of "modern management". In this lesson, lectures were given on the latest important issues centering on management related businesses, and active discussions were held in Japanese.
In the latter period, I took classes such as current affairs / modern terminology, science of mind, science of thought. Also, receiving a lesson called "Translation method", I was keenly aware of the difficulty and beauty of translation while doing the challenge of Chunichi translation.
I have received a lecture in Japanese, submitted tasks and reports, submitted a task and a report, and undergo a series of experiences, I realize that my abilities such as language skills and thinking skills have been fairly substantial compared to before my study abroad.
I think that it is largely made about the goal of study abroad that I wrote before going abroad. When I came to Japan, there are various challenges, but apparently overcoming my study abroad life with a belief that "Overcoming anything positively" is overcome.