Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:上田 紗貴子 [ 日本 ]

  • Acceptance period:Mar. 4, 2018 ~ Jan. 31, 2019
  • Acceptance university:中山大学
  • University enrolled:関西学院大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

I have been to Taiwan twice. The first time I went on a trip, the second time I visited with my study abroad for a month. In addition, I have been to Shanghai and Hong Kong, and I have touched the Chinese-speaking air several times. Even in the same China, different places will have different cultures, and living in an entirely different air from Japan will bring me a lot of experience and values change, even for a few days.
Taiwanese studying abroad for the longest stay was full of everyday and passed quickly. I decided to go to study this exchange because I wanted to learn more deeply and want to engage with many more people who began to feel the joy of learning Chinese.
In addition, human resources who can use Chinese language will have a need in the future society. The growth of East Asia in recent years, especially in China, is fascinating. Learning while touching the air of China is something I can not experience in Japan and I think that it will lead to my growth.
Studying abroad for a one-year period will be an invaluable asset of my life and it will be a big step forward for active in the world. I treasure every day a day and I will spend it while having fun.

Experience while studying abroad

Sun Yat-sen University has three classes, beginner group 3, beginner group 4, intermediate level 1 group. Those who have more ability receive lessons with the students of this department. The number of people in one class is very small. I belong to the elementary level 4 group is 12 people with the smallest number of people, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Germany, France, Ireland and rich in international colors. Three classes are power, spoken word, and phrase. Classes will be held in either morning or afternoon, and will take two subjects. One course is 90 minutes. Japanese people are familiar with kanji, so they are relatively good at reading.There are many people who can speaking in general, but who are not good at listening. Japan and China are close but culture is quite different. Nationality is also different. "When I go to China, I can understand the goodness of Japan well" I came to China with various people told me, but now I know a bit about China, I certainly understood the good points of Japan, but China has a wonderful point I think there are many. In China we do not use wallets, all mobile settlement. Everything is easy to do, both for buying tickets and shopping on the net. There are many things to know for the first time leaving your country. I think it is good to be in Guangzhou, China.

Results of study abroad, future goals

Compared to before studying abroad, the ability of Chinese has improved significantly. Before studying abroad, I was able to say "你好", but I got to hear simple conversations and be able to talk. I realized that the environment to be placed is very important. Many irreplaceable friends were made. I will continue to learn Chinese while taking care of the connection made by studying in the future. I do not have any particular dreams of the future, but I'd like to do some work related to overseas. One of the things you got through this study is "I understood something that is truly important."The environment of the dormitory is terrible, and the town is also dirtier than Japan, so clothing will soon get soiled. Even though the living environment is not beautiful, I learned that it is enough if I can survive, clothes should be worn, what I really need is unexpectedly simple and less. In Japan, I change myself with minds of others' eyes, but I noticed the natural course of living just as I wanted to. What matters is who we will live with. My friend is a treasure of my life. I will not forget this and I would like to do my best in Japan.