Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:V.L [ フランス ]

  • Acceptance period:Sep. 7, 2017 ~ May. 17, 2018
  • Acceptance university:甲南大学
  • University enrolled:甲南大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

My first goal for studying abroad is to travel and see the world. I think that living in different places surrounded by different cultures will give me a chance to see things from a new perspective and will help me becoming independent and accountable.
Also, I have been attracted by Japan for many years and I am really enthusiastic to discover a completely different culture, from the language to the food including the arts. Regarding the aspects of the program, I think it will allow me to discover new teaching methods and pedagogy. Thanks to this year, not only I will finish my bachelor degree but I will also improve my English, start learning Japanese and I will go back grown up and enhanced.
Furthermore, as my professional project is to become an English or French teacher in Japan, I see this opportunity as an essential stage of my university studies and a major asset on the construction of this project. My stay at Konan University will pave the way to my goal and proove to be very profitable for me since it will help me to learn Japanese and immerse me in the Japanese way of life during nine month. Moreover, I will be able to know more about Japanese culture in order to better understand my potential future audience for teaching.
Konan University's program also match my project because it goes along with the idea of exchange between Occidental and Japanese students and people. Thus, I am glad and honored to participate in this friendly exchange between two different cultures.

Experience while studying abroad

The study abroad program in Japan was certainly the most fruitful experience in my life. Starting with no knowledge at all in Japanese, I have not only improved my Japanese a lot, but also grown as a person. Everyday at school, I have practiced my Japanese with teachers and my friends, and little by little, I have been able to only use Japanese. This is the first time I have felt such a sense of satisfaction!
During my free time, I enjoyed many activities with my friends! Discovering the delicious food of Japan, exploring many area in Sannomiya, Osaka or even Nara, going hiking and surpassing ourselves, learning wadaiko and baseball... It was so much fun! As an anime and video games lover, I also had the chance to go the "Tokaigi Game Party" and one of Hatsune Miku's concert, I was so happy! The program also allowed me to get closer to my professional project by helping Japanese students improve their English and French.
So far, my experience in Konan University has been wonderful mainly thanks to all the nice people, teachers, KIEC staff and friends, that I have met! And even if the end of the exchange program is getting closer, I know that I am still going to build lots of other amazing memories!

Results of study abroad, future goals

The study abroad program, including intensive study, was very difficult for me at first. But looking back at it, I am glad it was this way. The daily Japanese classes and daily use of Japanese with my friends allowed me to become able to speak Japanese better than I could ever have hoped! Now I can handle a Japanese conversation and I even participated in a speech contest, which for me was unimaginable a year ago.
The program has also reinforced my love for languages and definitely convinced me that I wanted to become a language teacher in Japan. Thanks to the support I have received from teachers, KIEC staff and friends, I know that I will be able to achieve my goal!
Through my study abroad experience, I gained so many things thanks to all those wonderful people I have met. And knowing that I will soon have to leave them makes me sad. But this is why, I will cherish the memories from my stay in Japan forever!