Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:市位 玲空 [ 日本 ]

  • Acceptance period:Mar. 1, 2024 ~ Dec. 31, 2024
  • Acceptance university:朝鮮大学校
  • University enrolled:神戸学院大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

 It was from a high school student that I decided to study abroad in Korea. I had many opportunities to interact with Korean dramas and K-pop because of my parents' influence from my childhood. From this time on, I found Hangul very interesting at the time when I could only read Japanese and Roman letters, and while listening to Korean songs on CDs, I read Hangul characters and taught myself, "That's how you read these letters. "In the meantime, I had a strong yearning for Korea and a little bit of a desire to study abroad. When I was a high school student, I decided to go on to Kobe Gakuin University where I am currently enrolled because it is the best treatment for studying abroad and I can study my undergraduate studies in Korea. From that time on, my goal was to study in Korea, and I studied hard with the goal of qualifying for a scholarship in school, and my youth was with Korea.
 The first purpose of my study in Korea is to realize my dream of becoming a Japanese teacher. I am aiming to become a Japanese teacher in Korea, so of course I need a level of Korean that I can teach. Of course, even if you can't speak Korean, I think it's possible to be a teacher. In order to teach students more accurately and clearly, I think it is important to teach them in the language of that country. Therefore, I would like to learn proper pronunciation and other things that I cannot learn in Japan and lead to my dream. The second reason is that I want to know more about Korea. It is located in a neighboring country of Japan and is said to be the most similar country to Japan, but I think the culture and national character are completely different. There are also many historical issues with Japan, and I think there are many political conflicts even now. Up until now, I have been looking at things from a one-sided perspective from the standpoint of Japan, but when I study abroad and listen to local people and watch the news, I think I can look at things from a different perspective.
 Also, I would like to visit all Korean baseball stadiums for my personal hobby. I like Korean baseball, so I hope I can go to all the stadiums in 10 months.
 I believe that this study abroad is not the goal, but the starting line. I think many unfamiliar and unexpected things will happen in an unknown place, but I want to do my best thinking that it will be a good memory in the end.

Experience while studying abroad

Results of study abroad, future goals