Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:Y.I [ 日本 ]

  • Acceptance period:Feb. 8, 2023 ~ Nov. 27, 2023
  • Acceptance university:マードック大学
  • University enrolled:武庫川女子大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

It's already been 8 months here in Perth, Australia. Time actually flies so fast that it makes me feel scared how fast time goes by. So far, what I found the most valuable about this exchange program is how I met people I wouldn't have been able to see if I was not here. I met some people who I can rely on, can be proud of and love and realized how precious my life is becoming thanks to them. Also, I am so drawn to life here as well, astonishing beaches and sunsets every single day, beautiful food from different cultures, people are so unique one by one. It allows you to be yourself, free and appreciated. Being away from your family, friends and home country hits you down sometimes but it is not always devastating. You get to see the world you would not have seen, yourself you did not expect to be in the past and embrace what you were given. I see myself in the near future here in Perth, where I can be myself and enjoy my slow life.

Experience while studying abroad

Results of study abroad, future goals

This 10 months I spent here in Perth has been incredibly amazing. Sad how time has gone fast but I am so grateful to whom i met, the beaches and sunsets that I witnessed and the memories i made here. I have found cross-countries cultures and people from different countries and beautiful natures here, and I am going to miss everything that I encountered.
I believe that I could come here and embrace this place again in the near future. Until then, cheers!