Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:ERDHIEND RIZKY DHIYAS [ インドネシア ]

  • Acceptance period:Nov. 16, 2020 ~ Aug. 31, 2021
  • Acceptance university:関西国際大学
  • University enrolled:ダルマプルサダ大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

 The reason I apply for the exchange student program in Kansai University of International Study is when I got to visit Japan. In my previous visit to Japan during a study tour, I went to several tourist sites where I experienced something wonderful. There, the shop attendants were so kind and very happy to have me as their customer. Since then I have always admired Japanese customer service and "omotenashi." When I learned that there is a major of International Tourism in KUIS, I decided to apply to study how does Japan have such great service, to learn Japanese way of customer satisfaction.

 I also wish to learn first hand about Japanese culture, customs, and their everyday life. Though it is not perfect, I have confidence in my language proficiency. However, I still have a lot of room to improve in my conversational skills. So to fill in my weakness I will do my best to make many friends and practice my conversational skills.

 By learning Japanese culture and customs, I am sure I would be able to figure out what is the best way to take on Japanese people. By studying customer satisfaction at KUIS, while also taking part-time jobs outside, also adding the knowledge of their customs, that would be an effective way of learning and also for my own growth to be a better person. With all those knowledge that I would learn, I would take it to my home country and improve what is inferior to Japan or the world for that matter.

Experience while studying abroad

 It has been over 5 months since I came to Japan under the KUIS exchange student program. Life during the pandemic is not easy, but thanks to HUMAP scholarship, I can carry out this program without any difficulties. In KUISs I have learned first-hand how hard the pandemic has hit Japan's tourism and such by conducting a field research and through class lectures.

 These activities were not free of charge so it is inevitable for me to take a part-time job. All the people at my job, all the seniors have treated me very warm and friendly. Thanks to that, I am able to practice my conversational skills and even make friends with some of them. I hope my skills are improved by this.

 It is during April's state of emergency when I am writing this and class lectures have gone back to online classes. It pains me to say this but it feels no different from taking online classes back in Indonesia. Now that I have got a chance to come to Japan, I wish I could have gone to different places and experience various things here. That is not to say my experience so far has been awful. By participating this program I am able to step forward. This program has enabled me to make close friends and participate in field researches. My hope for the rest of my period is that the pandemic could ease and not only Japan, but the entire world to recover from all of this.

Results of study abroad, future goals

 There is only 1 month remaining to my student exchange program. I have learned various things from classes and daily life. In the Department of Management, I studied marketing, customer service, and tourism. Thanks to that, I have learned how business works behind the scene and it was a huge skill to have earned. In my daily life, I am also becoming more fluent in speaking thanks to the conversations I have with the teachers and in part-time work.

 I want these management skills become my path in the future. Especially, I want to bridge the gap for foreigners. Working in a travel agency, putting the marketing skills on how to get more customers, meeting the customers' demands, and then becoming the mediator between different cultures, those are my goals. I also want to help and make others happy as the people in my life here had made me. If I can achieve them, it would be the ultimate happiness for me.

 Time flies so quickly. During the pandemic, everyone's life everywhere has been very difficult but thanks to HUMAP, I can peacefully follow through this program without any worries. During these difficult situations, I can still have a lot of conversations with friends and the teachers so it was a blast. I will never forget this experience. I can never forget this experience.