Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:N.N [ 日本 ]

  • Acceptance period:Oct. 14, 2019 ~ Jun. 20, 2020
  • Acceptance university:マードック大学
  • University enrolled:甲南大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

I have wanted to speak English since I was a child. However I have been learning English since elementary school I probably cannot speak English because I usually write or read.Then I have come to think that I want to study abroad for long term. Living in other countries are very interesting I think because I can find something different from Japan. I hope to grow up to be an independent person, too through my studying abroad.

Experience while studying abroad

I am about halfway through my study abroad life. I learned in two classes. There were people who are from different countries so I could learn various cultures and ways of thinking. What is commonplace for Japanese is may not commonplace for others and it is interesting. To try to speak English actively takes courage but I think it is important. However, I am weak on vocabulary so I must study hard everyday. I went to beaches, an aquarium, movie theaters, church, a dune, and watched fireworks. I can go to the beaches easily than Japan and they are beautiful so I feel refleshed. I want to do some volunteer works or participate in an event in perth. Now, I live with my host family and there is another student so we talk together. I would like to make more friends and talk with them.

Results of study abroad, future goals

The study abroad experience made me grow up in terms of studing and others. I could prepare for the university at the language school. At the university, I got overwhelmeddid by academic skill and attitude of local students so I did my best. By get up courage to speak in the class and ask teachers and students, I could develop a understanding. After classes changed into online, I can make contact only SNS but before that, I could realize that a lack of my English skills through talking with my friends. It is important to get used to speak and practice. In terms of everyday life, there are differences between common sense in Japan and that of in Australia so I was stimulated. I also learned housework. I cooked and did my laundry for the first time. I will make use of these experiences, I would like to broaden my horizons.