Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:WEN Fei [ 中国 ]

  • Acceptance period:Sep. 15, 2017 ~ Jul. 31, 2018
  • Acceptance university:姫路獨協大学
  • University enrolled:肇慶学院

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

The university majors are Japanese,so I think that in order to improve Japanese conversation skills and to experience Japan culture and traditional events,I must actually come to Japan. And it was the first time that I learned Japanese,so for me,Japanese was a whole new language. In order to learn a new language,I think it is better to actually go to that country and listen to a lot of Japanese.
In addition,living in a foreign country,if you say from the standpoint of living,even one person will handle the clothing and shelter,and may live properly.
I also think that I can see various scenes and broaden my horizons. There have been a lot of tea ceremony and kimono and festivals in the textbook,but I feel weak if I don't actually experience it,and I think that it is hard to rest in remembering. I also think that by communicating with people from various countries,we can become more active in our thinking. For that reason,I applied for an exchange student program when I was a sophomore in college,and I was able to get this chance.

Experience while studying abroad

Although I have only been studying abroad for a year,I have come to participate in a variety of traditional events and become more made by the culture of Japan.
So,I want to talk about the inside three.
The first is the tea ceremony. When I came to japan,I tried the tea ceremony experience of the kouko garden. Because it is a tea ceremony experience for foreigners,all foreigners gathered in the tea ceremony room wearing the yukata that they provided. I calmed my heart by wearing a yukata and drinking tea. I also learned the procedures and rules for tea and sweets.
Next is the fight festival. I went to see a fight festival once a year. It was lively and I saw a stall at the Matsubara Hachiman Shrine,and I felt that it was heavy and loud. It was interesting,and the field of view expanded because it had read such a thing like the man each other by being wound to the waist,raising the stall,and shouting like the slogan,and seeing so for the first time.
The last is shrine visit. The most memorable one is playing. I watched the NHK red and white song battle and visited the shrine at Gokoku at midnight. So I pulled a fortune for the first time this year. The city was not so busy,but I felt the atmosphere. I think that it is different from the mere seeing in the textbook that it actually came to the worship,and having felt it once after experiencing it. The experience that you actually did will remain strong in the impression.

Results of study abroad, future goals

In the past year I have experienced a lot of things and made lots of good memories. In terms of my friends,my friend's circle was in a wide area. It was very interesting to discuss with people from different countries. When I had time,I really enjoyed eating delicious food together and taking a picture of the pre-club. In terms of the idea,there are many experiences,and the thought that the spectacle not seen before is seen fast,and there is such a thing often. Because it touched a lot,a biased idea like the previous becomes small gradually by extending the view. In terms of Japanese ability,my interest in Japanese has become deeper. I have a sense of accomplishment when I can speak with other people in Japanese,and I want to talk more Japanese. One year is really short. Life in the Japan was also fresh and motivated every day. I didn't want to go home yet,but I have to return. Even if I return home,I will also work hard.