Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:Bae Chaeyoon [ 韓国 ]

  • Acceptance period:Apr. 1, 2019 ~ Mar. 31, 2020
  • Acceptance university:神戸学院大学
  • University enrolled:朝鮮大学校

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

I've always been interested in new things. I first met Japanese when I was in middle school. I was so impressed that Hiragana was so pretty, and I studied Japanese from there in earnest.
It was fun to travel to Osaka and Fukuoka and find something new. I became more interested in Japanese conversation and Japanese during the trip. After that experience, it became my goal to talk to the Japanese by studying Japanese hard.
I went to Department of Law of University. Because, I wanted to be a court official. Since I studied Japanese when I was in high school, I thought about going to the Department of Japanese, but I went to department of law because I wanted to learn about the law. The first law I learned in my first year was very interesting. But, because I didn't study Japanese for a year, I thought I'd forget all about it, so I studied Japanese again. Then I saw notice about exchange student in Japan. I thought going abroad was something I couldn't do, but I studied Japanese more than ever to apply. And I finally got a JLPT license and applied for an exchange student.
I want to use this opportunity not only as a student but as a stepping stone to my dream. I think we can talk naturally only when we can understand the feelings and culture of the country. I thought it would be best to learn a language while living in a country that uses the language. I want to improve my skills through meeting new culture and experience with many people.

Experience while studying abroad

I have experienced many wonderful things while living in Japan such as making Takoyaki with my Japanese friend. Making this was not only a new experience for me in terms of using octopus but I also experienced some new chocolates and cheeses. From this experience the idea of buying my own Takoyaki machine became prevalent. Also, it was great to go to the Tenjin festival with other foreign exchange student friends to see fireworks and eat amazing food from many different stalls. This was my first time seeing fireworks at a festival in Japan, so I think it was an amazing experience. I want to use my remaining time in Japan to experience many new things.

Results of study abroad, future goals

Eight months passed in an instant. When I arrived in Japan, I couldn't speak a word of Japanese. But now I can have a daily conversation. There are many words that I don't know yet, but I'm still happy that my Japanese has improved.
When I go back to Korea, I want to study English hard. When I was in Korea, I didn't worry about English very much, but one day a foreigner asked me a question and I had to answer "YES!" but I answered, "はい!" I was surprised at myself. I found it difficult to use two languages, Japanese and English. So, I really want to study English.
And I want to study world history deeply. I was not interested in world history, but I wanted to study many things because of the influence of my friends who I met abroad. I didn't care about the world because I didn't have a chance to meet a foreigner until I came to study abroad. However, when I came to study abroad, I actually met people from other countries and became close to them, so I became interested in that country.
Since I am a law student, I will be busy studying law when I go back to Korea, but I really want to study these things.