Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:KWON Youngdae [ 韓国 ]

  • Acceptance period:Apr. 4, 2018 ~ Feb. 4, 2019
  • Acceptance university:姫路獨協大学
  • University enrolled:国民大学校

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

I entered the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Kookmin University(in Seoul,Korea) with the goal of working as an engineer at a production technology part of an automobile company. After I went to the military,I went back to school,finished my second year,and decided to take a leave of absence,so I started studying the Japanese language that I wanted to learn. As I studied,I became more interested and took the JLPT exam and passed N1. After that,I actually wanted to go to Japan and live there,so I got working holiday(9 month)visa and came to Japan.
Life there had a big impact on me and made a positive difference. Then I anted to live while working in Japan and decided to work in Japan. Later,when returned to Korea and took Japanese course,I learned about the exchange program. I thought that if I went to Japan as an exchange student,I would be able to cultural experience,and classes in Japanese, and I would like to exchange students because I think that I could improve my Japanese ability and human ability.
When studying abroad,the most important thing is to have a clear goal of what you achieve while you are studying abroad,so I set my own goal.Then I decided to apply after deciding that the good environment for me to achieve this goal was Himeji Dokkyo University. As a result,I got a lot of things,was chosen as a HUMAP Scholarship,got financial support,and had a lot of experience.
What I wanted to gain the most from this exchange was the high-quality Japanese language ability for employment in Japan. Before studying abroad,I had obtained a JLPT N1 qualification,but in Korea,Japanese was a language that was not easy to use and it was very difficult to combine my major studies with my Japanese studies.
And I wanted to be able to speak Japanese more fluently because I didn't have that much Japanese,and to be able to read more smoothly without any delay in reading papers,newspapers,columns and novels.

Experience while studying abroad

Through this exchange,I was thinking that I would like to have a variety of cultural experiences as well as studying Japanese. In fact,I was able to have valuable experiences both inside and outside the university.
In university classes,students from all over the world gathered to study together,but I don't think this is a chance that we will have. In addition,I joined the basketball club and the band club for club activities,and in the basketball club I participated in competitions and went to training camps to deepen my friendship. The band's activities included school festivals,volunteer performances at nursing homes and activities support centers for disabled people,and street concerts. I received a request from the university's Center for International Exchange,and I volunteered as a Korean instructor at the Himeji City International Exchange Festival,interpreted for Japanese-Korean Soft Tennis Exchange and At the English Speech Contest held at Kotoka High School in Himeji City,I made a presentation on the theme of "About my motherland."
In addition,I went to nearby elementary school to introduce Korean culture and volunteer as an interpreter at the Osaka Science Festival,and I had a valuable experience that I would never be able to do if I hadn't come to exchange student. And thanks to my various experiences,my Japanese language ability improved,and I was able to make friends with many Japanese friends.

While I was studying abroad,I had another thing I wanted to try . After studying abroad,when I returned to Japan,I became a senior,and I had to work for a job,so I wanted to get an internship while I was studying abroad. I participated in explanatory meetings and corporate exhibitions in Osaka and Kobe to obtain job information,consulted with the university's career center and was lucky to be able to intern in Toyota Kyusyu during summer vacation.
I think this is the biggest harvest I got from this exchange. The internship application period and the school examination period were overlapped and it was very difficult for me to pass because of the overlap of the interview days,but I got help from my Japanese friends and teachers and finally I was able to pass.

Toyota Kyusyu is Toyota's second factory that mass-produced luxury sedans,and I was assigned to the molding technology room and molding group of the first production engineering department. While I worked,I learned a lot about Toyota's unique production technology,how to build production lines,and how to build new cars and new technologies that will be installed in the future.

Results of study abroad, future goals

As a result of this year's study abroad experience,I think it's the best Japanese experience for me. I'm filled with the feeling that I've accomplished studying abroad,all the things I've enjoyed. Looking back,I had a lot of anxiety before studying abroad. After returning to Japan,what should I do to find a job,whether I can graduate within four years,or whether I can live in an unfamiliar place. I can't stop talking about my worries,but I can say that I spent the most wonderful time studying abroad.
From this experience,I can clearly see what I need to do after I return to my country. I could solve any problem or anxiety without knowing it,as long as I did my best to do what I saw. It was a year when I felt that studying abroad was really a big growth.

I'm grateful to my family and staff at the Himeji University Center for International Exchange,teachers,friends and everyone I met during my study abroad,and to the people involved in the HUMAP scholarship who gave me financial support to help me succeed. Thank you very much.
From now on,I would like to take advantage of the various abilities that I have cultivated while studying abroad and continue to work in a global society.