Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:藤髙 真帆 [ 日本 ]

  • Acceptance period:Mar. 2, 2019 ~ Dec. 31, 2019
  • Acceptance university:祥明大学校
  • University enrolled:神戸学院大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

When I asked why I decided to exchange to Korea this time, I learned about Korea when I was in the third year of junior high school.So, I wanted to watch a TV program with my favorite idol, so when I watched a DVD that I borrowed from a friend, I felt that there were not many Japanese subtitles on it and I was listening to sounds.I was worried about what the idols were talking about, and that was the reason why I first started studying Korean.At first, I went to a language class to study.However, as I was attending classes, I improved my language, but I found it difficult to understand the society and culture of that country.That's because I thought it was something that I didn't know until I actually tried to live in that country.Also, I thought it would be difficult to have conversations with the local people even if I learned a language and actually lived in Japan, even if I could translate the language that the performers would like to speak on a Korean TV program.I thought that living in the country is the best way to actually use the language I learned as a conversation, and that if I were living there, I would be able to learn the expressions and language used in the actual conversation that I could not learn.Taking this into consideration, I decided to study abroad this time.

Experience while studying abroad

There are three important things that I have experienced while studying abroad.
 The first is the case of a bus ride mistake that occurred three days after I studied abroad. I got on the opposite bus when I left after shopping and found out that I was at a bus stop where I didn't know the last train. This was the first case I had ever been to study abroad, so I thought it would be all right if something happened in the future.

 The second is the university class in Korea.
The classes at Korean universities were different from the ones I took in Japan, and it was a new experience. What was different was that the teacher and students were preparing classes together. I had a strong impression that in Japan, the teacher spoke unilaterally and the students only listened. However, in Korea, teachers used to talk and teach rather than ask students questions or give lectures. The exams were also a little different, and there were some classes to test and some classes to submit reports. This is not much different from Japan, but the students' announcement was made for each class. The announcement was that students would create their own power points and teach them.

The last three are
I went to Jiangxi last week to study abroad and ate chicken. South Korea is a country with good delivery, so if you order anywhere, it will be delivered. I was a member living in a dormitory and went to Eghan to order and eat chicken. This was because Koreans were better, and we were also mixed with Koreans. I really enjoyed being able to get in touch with Korean culture.

These were the major events that I experienced while studying abroad.

Results of study abroad, future goals

After studying abroad for a year, it was still language ability that made me feel that I had grown the most.
When I first came to Korea, there were many times when I couldn't keep up with the speed of the local Korean language, and the language ability of the children who were with me from Japan was much more difficult than myself. In fact, when I used what I had studied until now, it was often difficult for me to understand and understand. So my first goal was to get used to the local life. Then I decided to improve my language ability. This was the first term goal. In the second semester, I aimed to take classes with local students and have lunch with them. Then, when I first came to study, I realized that I didn't understand what I was saying, I could understand it.
This time I had an active exchange with a local student, but there were some Japanese students who were studying at the same university who didn't play with Korean students and didn't even go to the language school. The student could speak Korean very well when he first met and I think he was the best student among the same students. However, even though I was studying abroad, there were some students whose language ability deteriorated significantly due to the fact that they were with Japanese students.
So even if I couldn't do it at first, I thought my efforts and ways of thinking would be completely different. Even if I couldn't do it, I could feel that I would return to my own country if I tried hard.
In the future, I have been able to speak Korean so much that I would like to arrive at a company with a branch office in Korea.