Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:M.N [ 日本 ]

  • Acceptance period:Feb. 18, 2019 ~ Nov. 23, 2019
  • Acceptance university:マードック大学
  • University enrolled:武庫川女子大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

"I just want to do something big during my uni life. " That was my first reason why I wanted to do a study abroad. However, I realized how much it would be difficult and make me grow up by living and studying something in a different country , as I read some reports of the students who have already experienced it in the past or knew the contents of the study at those partner universities. It made me to decide to try a study abroad program. Last year, I went to US to study English concentratedly for 4months and it made me to realize that I love to be in a diversity and meet new people who have different back grounds and can grow up so far in the society. I started to have a more big enthusiasm about a study abroad since then. In this time, I won't study only English. I will study something more specialized with the local students. Right now, I'm interested in journalism. On the other hand, I have other interests which I want to study. I thought I should study only one field, but I think it's better to expand my possibility while studying various interests which I want to try. My first purpose for this big journey is that I will do my best on the study without any excuses such as "It's difficult for me because I'm an Japanese which use English as a second language." The second one is making so many friends from around the world and learn their culture which I can't do in Japan. In the end, I'm going to improve my independence which will help my life after my graduation.

Experience while studying abroad

Five months passed so quickly. It means I’m in a turning point. I had so many wonderful studies, experiences, and meetings. The happiest thing was that I made so many friends who have different backgrounds from around the world. It was one of my dreams which I always wanted to realize since I was in Japan. I learned the different ways of thinking and living because of the conversations with them. It expanded my world which used to know only about Japanese ways. Plus, I was able to find “the happiness of being myself” because of the time with them in Perth. To be honest, I always didn’t feel good when I was in Japan because I often cared about the eyes of the other people. On the other hand, my friends here showed me their free ways of living. Each one enjoys their own life. I also got the good style because of them. They accepted me who doesn’t try to be looked better, being myself. These five months became so memorable because of them. I appreciate them a lot.
Every class was a new challenge for me in the 1st Semester, so it was hard soon after they started. However, I was able to enjoy them because I asked my classmates and teachers for helps. I took Sociology, Photography, and English class for international students. Each class was so interesting, and it gave me many new knowledges.
Every day, I feel time is really limited. Therefore, I’m going to enjoy every single moment fully to make the rest of days in Perth memorable.

Results of study abroad, future goals

I took back "myself" here. I always felt the difference between me and others when I was in Japan through the way of thinking or living etc and it was always uncomfortable for me. However, it changed a lot because of my study abroad life in Perth. I've learned "I should not try to hide my originality. It is my precious part of myself. I should have confidence about it and express my strength as well without the gender difference". I've noticed every friend, teachers whom I've met here loves "true me " which does not pretend the others. I started to love true myself. I'm super happy right now because I can live fully as "true me".

My dream ; to be a health coach and yoga teacher. I will help people without borders of countries to solve their health problem and make them smile and happy from their hearts. I've got into running, yoga, and workouts and it has changed my meal life, lifestyle such as sleeping hours . I've learned "the happiness which I feel and my health situation are influenced each other". Also, I've learned it is always important to have a free space in my heart and being rushed doesn't change anything better from people in Perth. That's why I will continue studying about "the happiness which is brought the health of my heart and body", through health coaching and yoga, and make it to connect with the help of people around the world.

I will come back to Perth after my graduation because I noticed here is the best place which I can feel happiness and be healthy both mentally and physically.

However, I want Japanese people to know the importance which taking care of their health because they are always so serious (both positive and negative) and working too much. That's why I will try to continue going to Japan or tell the importance through SNS, and be the help of them while living in Japan. I'm not going to forget about my identity which I was born and grew up. Plus, in my country, there are less women who have high motivation and try to going to abroad like me. It is so sad for me because so many Japanese women have wonderful ability which can be polished and shine better, but so many of them give it up due to the situation or the luck of their confidence.

That's why I will continue walking on my way and hope it will be the inspiration for them and next generation, and connect to their dream.

I will never ever give up on my dream.