Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:W.J [ 中国 ]

  • Acceptance period:Sep. 19, 2018 ~ Jul. 26, 2019
  • Acceptance university:神戸女学院大学
  • University enrolled:広東外語外貿大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

Like "the cherry blossoms in spring","the festivals in summer","the red leaves in autumn","the Hokkaido's scenery in winter" and so on, there are beautiful scenery all year round in Japan which often wrote in the textbooks. The more I look at the pictures in the textbooks, the more I want to go to Japan and see them with my own eyes.Eating bento under the cherry blossom tree, and wearing bathrobe with friends to join the festivals,visiting Kiyomizu-dera Temple to see the red leaves, play snowman in Hokkaido, I have been looking forward for a long time. So as I knew I can study in Japan for one year, I was moved to tears.
There are also worries about whether I can make friends in Japan, or get used to the lifestyle of japanese and so on. However, when I remind of the sentence "you only live once", courage will keep emerging. I think the most important thing in one relationship is communication. Therefore, I want to take the opportunity of studying abroad to convey the charming of China to Japanese friends, learn from Japanese gentleness and seriousness, and convey the charming of Japan to Chinese friends.
I have studied Japanese for six years. At the beginning of learning, I could not even remember the Japanese syllabary.However the more I learned, the more I could feel the interesting of Japanese. I want to talk about why I want to enter graduate school after graduation from university, because I want to study Japanese further and become a Japanese teacher. I want to study in Japan, devote myself to the research of Japanese education field, and complete the master's thesis.

Experience while studying abroad

Before coming to japan, I was very worried about whether I could get used to overseas life and make new friends. However, there are beautiful scenery and gentle people in kobe college, the life don't have any inconvenience。
My favorite class is "comparative culture comprehensive exercise". It is rare in China to have more than three teachers working together on a presentation with students. Although everyone's major is different, the enthusiasm for research is similar. Rather, it is because of different majors that more new ideas can be produced.
During the course of the class, I became more and more curious about the use of the word "please don't", so in addition to my master's thesis, I also conducted a questionnaire survey on Chinese and Japanese native speakers and learners. I received important information, guidance and advice from Mr. Jianshi.
Last October, I received the brochure of club activities from the teachers in IPC. There are so many kinds, although they all look interesting, I decided to join aikido after visiting it. Practice at school only twice a week, but if you go to uchida's ashram, you can practice every day. Through aikido, I have a better understanding of interpersonal communication and mutual care, and learned a lot. We throwed Halloween and pizza parties ,prepared for okada festival together,and had a great time.
Thanks to living in the dormitory, I made many friends. They taught me how to cook Japanese food and Japanese words and so on. The differences between china and hapan, makes me enjoy abroad life so much.

Results of study abroad, future goals

One year really flies. I learned a lot, and get a lot of important memories that i will never forget.
The topic of my graduation thesis is "metaphor between Chinese and Japanese". Although the previous research is not enough, it is very meaningful for the translation work between Chinese and Japanese. Thanks to Japanese classmates, let me know that the subtle semantic differences which only native Japanese speakers can understand. I combined thoes differences with the theory of cognitive translation to analyze the literary text of "red sorghum". This paper research the metaphor translation in idioms, cultural terms, four-character idioms and other metaphors in the text, and analyzes the effect of metaphor translation according to the cognitive differences between Chinese and Japanese readers on the same metaphor.
During the rest, I enjoyed the trip and was very happy to complete the goal of visiting 47 prefectures of Japan. Because udon noodles are my favorite in Japanese cuisine, I ate them for five days in kagawa prefecture. After that, I also participated in the activity of making udon noodles in udon school and challenged the handmade udon. The beautiful scenery and delicious food were of course very happy, however, the most unforgettable thing was meeting many interesting people. They are different nationalities, different ages, different personalities, but all of them are gentle and enthusiastic towards life and people around them. I get a lot of positive energy from those people.
I want to work for an accounting firm after I return to China. Even if it seems to be very hard to study audit exam, I want to make full use of what I have learned in Japan and try my best to learn it.