Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:住元 美穂 [ 日本 ]

  • Acceptance period:Feb. 19, 2019 ~ Mar. 18, 2019
  • Acceptance university:インドネシア大学
  • University enrolled:兵庫県立大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

In the future I would like to contribute to the improvement of the world's health, and life-outcomes both locally and globally. Studying abroad about local nursing and health care systems is a great opportunity for me to learn about different roles for nurses. While in Indonesia I will attend lectures (gerontology nursing, family nursing, public health nursing) at the University of Indonesia (UI) and do an internship at facility of public health for people in region. I studied nursing at UI for 2 months last year. I was very impressed by the differences between Japan and Indonesia, for example, people's point of view about health and religion. I hope to research the state of families and people living in Asian countries, especially Indonesia, and I want to learn other viewpoints about nursing and nursing services.

Experience while studying abroad

I joined the internship in community nursing this week. The public health and medical system aren’t well developed, but a good health system which suits this region is operating. Especially it makes use of the strong relationship between people and their cheerful character. The women who live in the community were educated by community nurses and they operate medical check-ups in their community every month. People who live in the community gather, from infants to the elderly. The women check weight, height, blood pressure, blood sugar, and give foods. I asked them why they said “Just happiness to develop health of people in the community.” Indonesia has a good community health system. I don’t know if the system suits Japanese, but I think we can learn a lot of things from developing countries. I learned it’s very important for nurses to produce services and systems which fit each area.

Results of study abroad, future goals

I have 2 achievements in this study in Indonesia. First, I could notice that the relationships and kindness of humans can increase human health. Indonesia is a developing country but they have the atmosphere which thinks about another people, and I could see it directly. On the other hand, I think that Japan is developed country but we don't have it. Our relationship and kindness between people. It's my pleasure to see and notice it directly in opposite country.
Second, I could know my advantage. It's my 2nd time to study in Indonesia. I always feel that we could make a lot of friends because they're so kind and friendly. But most of them said to me "You can make a lot of friends easily because you're so friendly." It's not only them to love communicating with people but also me. I didn't have confidence about myself. But now I think that I could enjoy and achieve my object in Indonesia by my advantage.
My object in my life, I'd contribute to increase world's peace by something I feel enjoy and happiness.I don't have concrete ideas for it yet. Many sad incccidents and terrorism took place in the world when I studied in Indonesia. It's difficult to involved it directly. But I think that I'll be involved in the world when I use my experiences and skills as a nurse.