Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:L. C [ フランス ]

  • Acceptance period:Oct. 1, 2018 ~ Aug. 9, 2019
  • Acceptance university:神戸大学
  • University enrolled:リール大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

Studying in Japan, in Kobe University, will first enable me to improve my Japanese level. Indeed, I will have Japanese courses at University, which will correspond with my level and make my Japanese better. Being in Japan will also enable me to find a lot of Japanese learning resources, as books or films for example, cheaper and with a better quality than in France. I will also have to speak in Japanese everyday, which is a very good way to progress. Finally, I want to pass JLPT N2 and N1 in Japan, and these objectives will make me study a lot. Secondly, I want to discover Japanese culture, such as Japanese History or Literature. Courses at University can help me to learn a lot about Japanese culture, but I also want to discover it by myself, by reading books, traveling and visiting historical places. And of course, there are a lot more resources about Japanese culture in Japan than in France. Finally, I want to discover Japanese everyday life. Indeed, my future dream is to live in Japan, but I don't know yet if I will like Japanese everyday life. I also want to find information about studying in Japan, not as an exchange student, but as a real student, because I might study in Japan in several years.

Experience while studying abroad

I have now lived about six months in Japan. Thanks of it, I improved some skills, discovered everyday's life in Japan, made friends, and a lot more. First, my Japanese speaking level increased a lot. I have been taking high level classes, which were a little difficult compared to my level, but made my Japanese improve a lot. I have also been able to take JLPT N2, and passed it. I have also taken linguistics classes in my faculty, which were very difficult but taught me a lot about Japanese language, but also made me discover how were normal Japanese student classes. I have also been able to go to French classes and discuss in French with Japanese students, which was very interesting because I might teach French in the future. Secondly, being in Japan allowed me to discover Japanese culture, especially Japanese music and literature. I have been able to buy a lot of books and CDs, and even to go to a capela circles concerts. I am happy to have discovered Japanese artists I didn't know before going to Japan. I have also met a lot of people, and made friends from a lot of countries : France, China, Korea, Taiwan, Germany,... And of course I have also made Japanese friends, who I met in two circles : karaoke circle and pokémon circle. Thanks of these circles and friends, I have been able to discover student life from a Japanese student view, which I was afraid I couldn't do. Finally, I didn't have yet the opportunity to travel a lot. I went to Mie prefecture, which was very different of Kobe because it is the country. I have also been a little to Osaka which is very close to Kobe, and of course I have visited Kobe itself. During spring vacations, I want to go to Kyoto, Himeji, Nara, and to visit Osaka again. As a conclusion, I am very satisfied of my first six months in Japan. I love my life, my friends, Kobe University, and I discovered much more things than what I expected. I hope the six next months will be as satisfying as the first six ones.

Results of study abroad, future goals

In a few weeks, my year of exchange in Japan will end and I will go back to France. In this year, the most important for me was university life. My goal was first to improve my Japanese skills, and I think I succeeded. Indeed, when I came to Japan my level was about JLPT N2, but thanks to the Japanese lesson of CIE, I have been able to surpass N1 level. Now I am able to speak fluently, write reports and read novels or academic texts. Of course, the classes didn’t just make my Japanese improve. I also learned a lot about Japanese culture. Especially in “Nihon jijô” class, I have learned a lot about Japanese traditional culture, and made surveys, which enabled me to make my knowledge about Japanese culture bigger. I have also taken Korean class and French literature class, so I have been able to meet people who have interest in Korea and who learn French. At University, there are not only the classes, but there are also clubs and circles, and I have been able to enter the song circle and the Japanese music circle. Thank to them, I have been able to train my music skills, but I have also been able to meet Japanese students who have the same interests as me. I have also participated to University’s events such as Rokkosai or Shinkansai, which enabled me to make my relationship with the circle member deeper. I also made other foreign student friends, and discovered other cultures as well. Especially, I have met a lot of Korean and Chinese friends, and I am interested in these two countries. I am sad that I couldn’t go there while I am in Japan, but I absolutely want to visit them someday. Finally, another important goal for me during this year was to discover Japanese culture, and Japanese everyday life, which I think I also succeeded. During this year, I didn’t just go to University and stayed at house, but I traveled in Japan and walked a lot in Kobe. I also ate a lot of Japanese food, made Japanese activities and read Japanese books, which enabled me to learn a lot about Japan.