Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:D. R [ 中国 ]

  • Acceptance period:Oct. 1, 2018 ~ Aug. 9, 2019
  • Acceptance university:神戸大学
  • University enrolled:中山大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

The thought of studying abroad arose from my first trip to Japan two years ago. In spite of ten days, I saw what kind of country Japan is and experienced a lot. After that trip , I had a idea that I will go to Japan to study in the future. Then, I majored in Japanese in my university. During my study of Japanese and Japanese culture, I became interested in Japanese society and sociology. Therefore, I want to master the knowledge of sociology by studying the courses related to the Literature Department of Kobe University.
I hope I can improve my Japanese and learn a lot beyond Japanese through a year's exchange of studying abroad. I plan to become a post-graduate in Japan and work in the Japanese media industry by taking full advantage of what I learn. In addition, I can also make many Japanese friends besides learning so that I can communicate in different cultures. Furthermore, I want to leave China for a new environment, where I can be honed and grow up. This is aslo one of my purposes of studying abroad.

Experience while studying abroad

Time flies. It has been a half year since I came to Japan. In the first 2 weeks I was not getting used to the life style in Japan, but my Japanese tutor helped me a lot and everything is going smoothly with the help of her.
At first, it was a little bit difficult for me to attend lessons of the faculty, but I have gained a lot of knowledge and have broadened my horizon. In addition, I have also taken some Japanese courses, where I made lots of friends from other countries and discovered the excitement of cross-culture communication.
Moreover, I joined a sports club as a manager. I made a lot of friends there and every week we trained hard together. Also, in the part time we have climbed the mountain as a relaxation, which was very funny and interesting.
Besides, I have traveled to a lot of cities in holidays. It was exciting to see the beautiful scenery of Japan and I have learned a lot.
I have spent a busy but fulfilling life in Japan. I believe I will cherish the last six months and make everyday meaningful.

Results of study abroad, future goals

How time flies. It has been one year since I came to Japan. Looking back on this year, I think I have lived a meaningful life in Japan.
First, I took classes in the Faculty of Letters and the International Student Center. The classes of the Faculty of Letters were a little bit difficult, but it was really good to learn a lot of things which I had not learned in my country. And there were a lot of presentations so that I gained lots of expressive skills.
Moreover, I joined a sports club last November as a manager. It was a little bit difficult at first, but I think that it was a valuable experience for doing the manager's work, and I have improved myself.
Also, I have made many Japanese friends. Through the communication with them, I deepened my understanding of Japan and realized the differences in culture and our values. I think it was good to study a lot of things which cannot be found in a textbook.
Furthermore, at first it was difficult for me to go through the procedure, since it is my first time to live abroad alone. But I think I have learned a lot and improved myself by solving problems.
I think that I had a pleasant time here with the help of the tutor and teachers. After returning to China, I would like to make the best use of the knowledge I learned in Japan, and continue to work hard in my studies.