Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:Naziah Tasnim [ バングラディッシュ ]

  • Acceptance period:Oct. 1, 2018 ~ Sep. 27, 2019
  • Acceptance university:兵庫県立大学
  • University enrolled:国際経済農業技術大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

Japan is a unique country with lots of invention. Here the scope for various researches are available with funds. From my childhood I am interested in research and project. I like to work with a goal to complete a project. Unfortunately, in our country, there is a less opportunity to get fund for research work. Moreover, all kinds of researches are not available with enough equipment. Japan is a very advance and digital country. Invention for new things are always going on. Equipment for research are also available. Japanese people are friendly and cooperative. Foreigners get excellent environment for living and working in Japan. Besides the study, I can learn the Japanese culture and language. The experience of studying in Japan will help me to pursue my future goal and to enhance my career profile. Overall, it is one of the great opportunity in my life to be selected as an exchange student for HUMAP scholarship.

Experience while studying abroad

Living in japan is full of new experiences. I have gathered some experiences about Japan's education system and culture. I saw defense exams for undergraduate and doctoral students in the campus. I have learnt about Japanese etiquette and food. Some Japanese etiquette cannot be learned without coming to Japan. Similarly, some Japanese food experience is also not possible from outside of Japan. I have attained some festivals and parties such as ‘momiji’, ‘matsuri’, ‘hanami party’ etc. I have experienced the colourful autumn and cherry blossom of spring for the first time which is not present in Bangladesh. I love the combination of natural beauty and technology of Japan.
Moreover, this is the first time I have lived outside of my country. So it was a great experience for me which will help me in future.

Results of study abroad, future goals

I will bring a bucket of achievements with me when I will return to Bangladesh. I have gained some knowledge about medical image processing, programming language, machine learning and deep learning. I have learnt how to write a research paper and submitted a conference paper on the basis of the works I was occupied. I have learnt Japanese language from a 69 years old volunteer teacher in the campus. Now I can communicate basic conversation with local people, read and write Hiragana and Katakana. I have got some lifelong Japanese friends with whom I have visited some places and gathered experiences about Japan. So I can share their memories with my country people.
After experiencing the environment of Japan, I would love to come japan again. As I have come as an undergraduate student, I would like to apply for the scholarship to do my post-graduation. I hope the experience of HUMAP scholarship will help me to pursue my future goal.