Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:L.H. [ 韓国 ]

  • Acceptance period:Jan. 21, 2019 ~ Feb. 3, 2019
  • Acceptance university:甲南女子大学
  • University enrolled:淑明女子大学校

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

I decided to look it up with a recommendation from a friend went to study abroad last year. She told me that I could directly experience what I learned at school, I could make many Japanese friends and overcome Japanese. I had a lot of interest in Japan, but I was afraid that Japanese is difficult. However, I was able to overcome the fear of Japanese by this opportunity and be more interested, so I decided to study abroad.

Experience while studying abroad

I took various special lectures, cultural experiences, sightseeing, and watching Takarazuka at the training. The special lectures were pipe organ playing, Japanese cartoons, anime, watching Takarazuka, Kobe city etc. The most impressive thing was Takarazuka for me. After learning about Takarazuka Revue through lecture, I really enjoyed watching Takarazuka. A cultural experience like a tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Kansai cuisine experience was an important opportunity that we can not experience at Korean schools. The best thing was that I interacted with Japanese friends who are interested in Korea more than anything else. I think I got closer to each other because I was interested in each other's culture.

Results of study abroad, future goals

I was satisfied with the training totally. Best of all, I was able to experience directly what I learned at school. I would have never tried homestay, tea ceremony and ikebana without a training program. Moreover, my anxiety over Japanese disappeared, I got confident. Because it was a short time, I did not expect to improve my Japanese skill, but it seems that I got more confidence and interest in Japanese with discussing with Japanese friends. Through this experience I will learn Japanese harder from now and decide to study Japan more and more.