Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:H.Y. [ 韓国 ]

  • Acceptance period:Sep. 20, 2018 ~ Jul. 22, 2019
  • Acceptance university:甲南女子大学
  • University enrolled:誠信女子大学校

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

I dream of getting a job in Japan. Currently, I am majoring in Japanese literature and studying Japanese and Japanese. My goal is to live a useful life for people based on the knowledge that I have learned in college. To achieve this dream, I think it will be very helpful to live and live in Japan as a college student. I want to do my best to be a good social worker during the student exchange period in Japan.
I think the most important thing in studying abroad is language study. I think it is the language of the country that is essential to understanding its culture and values. I also hope that I can learn a variety of languages that I actually use in the country, which is not available through theory alone. In order to use my major more efficiently, I think it is most efficient to actually speak Japanese in Japan. I think you will be able to make sound that is native as well as rich words.
Therefore, I want to do various activities in the suburbs as well as classes at school. I heard that there is an opportunity to teach foreign languages to other students outside of class. Therefore, I think it will be a good opportunity to find out Japanese, which is used to teach foreign languages and meet many people while teaching Korean. In addition, I want to make friends in Japan to cook Korean food or learn Japanese cooking together and share culture with each other. Also, I would like to travel to various places in Japan to learn more about and experience the culture of each region. As you can see by comparing Hokkaido and Okinawa, there are many regions that are identical in Japan but have completely different characteristics. I think there are so many different people. I want to travel as much as possible, go to various places, meet many people, and become a person with wide vision. Based on various activities, I want to do my best to study Japanese and take my first step toward my dream.

Experience while studying abroad

It has been six months since I came to Japan. It was great experience studying at Konan Women's University.
1. I was surprised by the various kinds of classes. There was a class where students themselves have to plan a event and practice it. this fascinating experience was unlike the classes I have attended before. The classes I took were mostly top-down teaching. By looking back, It was more like a small version of real world. I also learned about Japanese pronunciation in another class. I always wanted to pronounce like a native speaker so this class was very helpful.
2. While at the Konan Woman's University, I had many chances to interact with many other students. There are some students interested in learning Korean language so we had language exchange which was one of the most memorable experience. By communicating, I was able to learn about some culture differences between the two countries. We also had a chance to cook “Buchimgae” and “Okonomiyaki” together. I was glad that I could do one of my bucket lists in Japan; cooking Japanese and Korean food. Also, I cook “Bishu Nabe” with japanese friends. “Nabe” is special food in which we use japanese sake instead of water to cook. I was able to know new kind of Japanese food and I thank my friends for teaching me how to cook this unique food called “Bishu Nabe”.
3. I was able to visit a lot of places in Japan. I visited places like “Awaji Island”, “Tokushima” with my classmates. I travelled by bus and it was quite hard for me since I have a motion sickness. I was able to meet a lot of good people and share our experience together, so it was a valuable experience. I traveled to “Nara”, “Kyoto” and “Okinawa”. Contrary to what I expected, both “Nara” and “Kyoto” had different atmosphere.
I value cultural experiences such as making Japanese cookies and wearing “Kimono”. I believe this 6 months was invaluable.

Results of study abroad, future goals

After studying abroad for a year, I experienced a lot and was able to broaden my horizons.
In particular, I was able to engage in activities that I couldn't normally do in an international exchange project in Taka-cho, Hyogo Prefecture. Japanese and foreign students planted rice and cooked together. It was an opportunity to introduce not only Japanese cuisine but also the cuisine of foreign students' own country by making Okonomiyaki, Buchimgae and Chinese rice cakes. During the process of cooking, I think we were able to communicate more deeply than usual by helping each other while teaching recipes. In addition to the Taka-cho project, I participated in a Kobe tour in the university and went to Mie Prefecture on a bus trip where foreign students from Kansai participated. While I was involved in various activities, I felt myself being more active than before. It was fun to talk to people with different values and also, I could broaden my perspective.
Furthermore, I was able to get along with the people I met there and I could take part in more various activities. At the seminar, where I taught Japanese to foreigners, I participated as a teacher and felt the pleasure of delivering what I know to others. I was also able to feel the joy of supporting someone when I volunteered for helping children exercise in the sports club and attending a Korean musician in Takatsuki Jazz Street.
In my life in Japan, I had more time to think about myself by interacting with various people, getting to know each other, and learning about different cultures and values from my own country. Especially, I didn’t have any dreams, but one year of studying in Japan gave me a countless goal further. Among them, I'd like to become a Japanese language teacher or a tourist interpreter guide, and make use of my thoughts and lessons I cultivated while studying abroad. I would like to continue my goal, which is still the same as the goal before leaving for Japan, of "a person who can travel as much as possible, go to various regions, meet lots of people, and see things from a broader perspective."