Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:WIDYA FAHRANI [ インドネシア ]

  • Acceptance period:Sep. 7, 2018 ~ Aug. 9, 2019
  • Acceptance university:園田学園女子大学
  • University enrolled:ブンハッタ大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

Actually I am studying Japanese from senior high school and i became interested in Japanese.And then, I also love anime, manga and Japanese drama. Because of that i interested to drawing manga, so that i can draw manga now.

At high school I only studied hiragana, katakana and a little bit Japanese grammar. So I decided to study more about Japanese at university. In university, the Japanese is more difficult from what i learn in high school. not just language, in university I am studying Japanese culture, Japanese life and Japanese history too. I think is very difficult but more interesting than high school. For example, in high school I didn’t studying kanji. But in university there are many kanji that I learned. I am not good at kanji because Indonesia language didn’t have kanji. And actually in university I make japanase composition a lot, I like make composition in Indonesia language, but in japanese is very difficult to understand that composition. but, because of that my japanase became better than before, and I can speak Japanese now.

So I think if I come to japan once, maybe I can learn about japanase language and japanase culture more than what i studying in University.

Experience while studying abroad

As an exchange student, Living in Japan for one year had various experiences. Not only studying, but also traveling with friends. Of course I had an experience I will never forget, and that is to be a reference for the future. At first I thought it was very difficult for living in Japan, because I had no friend, and I don’t know anybody in Japan. However, the other students and teachers were so kind so I was able to made friends in short time. Not only Japanese people, but also other foreign friends.

The unforgettable experience is when I was at my homestay. I am staying at a Japanese family home. Although it is only one night, I can understand the Japanese life.  And I am still in touch with my homestay mother and we always get to eat when there is time.  It was good to experience it.

I have Japanese culture classes at university. This class had a tour of Japanese culture and history. Mostly we have been around Kansai. For example, we visited Kyoto City, Nara and Ashiya. I studied new Japanese culture, it was really good. Thanks to that, I got to be informed about Japanese culture and history.

And now, not that I could only listen Japanese people talk like I was at the begining, but I am also able to speak in their language as well.

Results of study abroad, future goals

In fact, I am not a great person or a smart person, I am just an ordinary student. From elementary school to high school there were not many achievements. Daily life of a normal student was boring. But when I was in college, I started to do various things with confidence. In fact, “ I want to study in Japan”it is only a dream . But I'm really happy to have this dream come true.

This is Last month I studied in Japan. It was faster than I thought. So far, I have a lot of experiences, new things and learning. I am very grateful to meet lots of great people. I was able to study a lot of things I did not study at a university in Indonesia.
As for the achievement as a foreign student, I was able to understand Japanese culture and language. I think that is a real outcome. Because when I first came, I couldn't understand that I couldn't speak Japanese or understand Japanese culture. So it is great to get such results. Besides, because of the study abroad, I took the second place in the speech contest.

Actually, for future thing is, I just want to write my graduation thesis early, have good results and graduate from college. But not only that, I want to work in Japan, so after graduation I intend to work in Japan. So if this is not enough knowledge, I would like to study something new for the future.