HUMAP  兵庫・アジア太平洋大学間ネットワーク Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • 氏名:H. H [ 中国 ]

  • 受入期間:2017年10月01日 ~ 2018年08月08日
  • 受入大学:神戸大学
  • 在籍大学:香港中文大学




It is a very good experience to study in Kobe University. I have made a lot of friends, both Japanese and people from all around the world. I have observed that Japanese students are mostly diligent and nice. When I speak with them in Japanese, they always speak very much slower so that I can listen and comprehend clearly. Taking courses in Japanese, Economics, and International Culture, I have learnt a lot of the fields which I had no access before. I have read a slogan of student exchange programme in Japan, and it suits perfectly well with my thought, ‘I have never met one regret for his decision to go for an exchange, not even one.’ Neither have I.

I have improved quite a lot in Japanese. In the very beginning, even the teacher just spoke words as easy as ‘name’, I still could not understand. The start was hard, but when I tried to speak up in the classes with my friends, I have observed quite an improvement. Persistence is always important. Never give up halfway. Still a long way to go!