Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:Z.R [ 中国 ]

  • Acceptance period:Sep. 14, 2017 ~ Jul. 27, 2018
  • Acceptance university:神戸女学院大学
  • University enrolled:広東外語外貿大学

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

I am a master student from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in China. I often sit in library to study or collect document literature used to write reports. Although I think Japanese pronunciation is very beautiful, I hardly ever have time to communicate with people in Japanese. So I particularly want to go to Japan and experience the local history and culture personally. I also want to improve my Japanese level by communicating with local people. On the other hand, I'm going to write my master's thesis, but It’s very difficult to find Japanese document literature in China. If I should go to Japan to collect more comprehensive documentation of the literature, I would make greater progress and finish my paper better. This time I feel very honored to be able to go to study in Kobe college. I will make full use of this opportunity to study hard and feel Japanese culture. In addition, I would be more happy if I could get a friendship here.

Experience while studying abroad

It's been almost a year since I came to Japan. I have experienced a lot of new things that are different from China in this year. For example, the streets are very clean everywhere. Unlike China, there are few trash cans on either side of Japan's streets. But, the streets have been kept clean. Because there are few people throw rubbish carelessly. Secondly, the Japanese have a good sense of service. No matter which store you enter, the shop assistants will treat you warmly. This may be the Japanese's serious attitude towards work. In the view of the Japanese, as long as it falls within the scope of their own work, no matter how small things should be completed conscientiously and responsibly. I admire the Japanese for this very much. Thirdly, there is a warm atmosphere of communication between the Japanese. Before I came to Japan, I was worried about whether I could get along well with my Japanese teachers and classmates. After coming to Japan, I found that the Japanese are very friendly. Even strangers will greet you on the road. It makes me very moved. In addition, there still are many good places in Japan. But, What I admire most is the attitude of the Japanese to small things. It's worth learning for us.

Results of study abroad, future goals

Time passed so quickly, the life of studying abroad is coming to an end unconsciously. I still remember that my Japanese was very poor when I first came to Japan. But after a year of studying abroad, I am glad that my Japanese has improved a lot. Besides, I also participated in the Japanese speech contest organized by the Nishinomiya International Association and got second. From then on, I was more confident in my Japanese ability and started to have courage to take part in other activities.
Besides, It is my great honor to do research under the guidance of professor kawanixi in Kobe college. And I finished my master's thesis successfully. I also took the course of comparative literature and got a lot of valuable advices from teachers in various research fields. My Japanese has also improved a lot unconsciously. Thank you so much for my teachers.
In addition, in order to enrich my life, I joined the dance club. Because I was interested in dancing, so I feel very satisfied to join the dance club this time. I have made a lot of communication with Japanese and made a lot of Japanese friends. Now my study abroad life is coming to an end. After I return to China, I will find a job related to Japanese to continue to develop my Japanese skills.