Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:J.S. [ 韓国 ]

  • Acceptance period:Sep. 11, 2017 ~ Jul. 20, 2018
  • Acceptance university:甲南女子大学
  • University enrolled:淑明女子大学校

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

In January of this year, I came to Konan Women University and Hyogo district for international exchange program.
Even though it was short, just 2 weeks, I could learn much more here than when I studied in Korea through books and lectures.
I think we can learn the culture of the country only in that country.
Therefore my plan is when I study in Japan, I am basically going to improve my Japanese skills,
and I also hope to study and experience Japanese tea culture and local festivals.
Finally, I also hope to interact with people in Konan who are interested in Korean, so it could be the opportunity we can grow together.
I am so much looking forward to my life in Japan. Thank you.

Experience while studying abroad

It is nice that there are a lecture about ‘Takarazuka Revue’ which I am interested in.
In this lecture, we learn the history, some of famous performances and the celebrities of Takarazuka. The professor is also a big fan of Takarazuka, so he is very passionate about this class and teaching us. Visiting theater and enjoying the play is included in this class. In autumn, we invite the former takaraziennes or people from the revue and have a kind of talk show in our university. Plus, there are many students who love them, so we can easily meet and communicate each other.

There are absolutely beautiful two pipe organs and many pianos in the campus of Konan Women’s University, even though there is no music college here. In liberal arts or a subject of Early childhood Education, Students can have a chance to learn how to play the pipe organ as well.
In the course, now I’m learning how to play the pipe organ, which is a little smaller than ‘the great organ’ in the main auditorium, but still it is awesome and our instructor is the professional organ player. Actually, I can play the piano so I am used to playing the keyboard but controlling the pedal using my feet is still difficult. One day, I reserved a classroom to practice a full song. This kind of experience is also fresh and made me feel good. Plus, I searched for a church which have a pipe organ for my assignment. I usually think of Japan as a country which doesn’t have many Catholic or Christian, so it is impressive there are many churches which have a organ. There are often many free organ concerts. Going to these concert is one of my favorite things and I really enjoy it.

Results of study abroad, future goals

In Konan Women's University, there are many students who are interested in Korea and Korean. So I had many opportunities to hang out with and talk to them. In our free time, we usually talk about the differences between Korean and Japanese college life and I came to recognize some Korean features which I had not recognized before. Especially, there are several things that are so new for Japanese friends. But those are the things I have taken for granted as a Korean. I really like the point that there are students in this university from not only Hyogo district but also different area so that I can feel the different personality and each of them.

I met not only university students but also Konan Women's middle school and hign school students who go to Korea during their summer vacation. I taught them a few Korean sentences and the things they have to know before they do so-called 'homestay' in Korea. Moreover, I talked about the Korean culture with them, which they are interested in. Originally I thought the Japanese young people who like Korean culture might just like K-pop Idol, but I came to know they are interested in a variety of range of Korean culture. I think I couldn't know this if I didn't come here and didn't talk to many people in Japan.

One of the most attractive point of the life of foreign country is, of course, the daily life here.
The real Japan I learned from my daily life such as the stores or transportation is very important. I realized I couldn't learn this kind of thing from school. I think we easily tend to have some bias or stereotypes when we think of some national character. When it comes to these things, I changed a lot during staying here. The climate here is very different from Korean climate. Japan is close to sea, so the humidity is always high. 
The things I had never experienced such as the typhoon in September last year and the earthquake in June this year made me a little bit scared.  Because I didn't know what to do at that time. Now, I know the importance of prior preparation.

I think my point of view has changed staying this different and new society, which is far from my original korean society. This is one of my favorite point during my life in Japan along with studying Japanese. I think these lessons I have learned from my life of Japan make my life from now on and will affect me as a member of society and as a woman.