Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific


  • Name:R. I [ 韓国 ]

  • Acceptance period:Oct. 1, 2017 ~ Aug. 8, 2018
  • Acceptance university:神戸大学
  • University enrolled:木浦大学校

Opportunity of the studying abroad, purpose

When I decided to study at Kobe University, I also liked Japanese comics since I was young.
At first, I didn't know that it was a Japanese manga, but I wanted to search for the sequel to the net, so I learnt it as a Japanese manga. From then on, I studied with interest in Japanese and Japanese culture.
I was able to learn Japanese since I was in high school. Since I was very interested in Japanese language for the first time in high school, I went to the Nippon Language School, where I studied the language of Mokpo, Kyoto University, and studied deeply in Japanese. But there was a limit to learning in Korea. There were few opportunities for me to improve my Japanese skills in conversations and conversations I didn't teach in class. I decided to study abroad at Kobe University to further improve my ability to speak Japanese.
I have a goal that I want to accomplish through this study abroad.
First of all, let's improve our conversation. I think it's a conversation that I think I'm the weakest link. I can speak basic conversations, but I want to talk like natives. I want to learn a new word that I can't learn at school and that I use everyday Japanese.
The next goal is to experience various cultures and learn about Japanese culture. There are some similarities between Japan and Korea, but there are many different kinds of things. I want to experience the culture of the Japanese culture and compare it with the Korean culture. I want to live in my life if there is something useful in my life through Japanese culture.

Experience while studying abroad

I came to Japan this time and I was able to experience various things. At the beginning there were lots of troubles, but since there were some people who helped a lot, I think I got used to Japanese life quickly. And I came to Japan and did a lot of activities. I participated in the KISS symposium, talked to people from various countries, traveled, experienced many Japanese culture with people who took care of when I came by language training a long time ago.
I think that the KISS symposium was a really nice experience since I was able to talk with many people from various countries for the first night and two days. Especially various topics became an opportunity to understand what others in other countries think about this topic, what is in common. I have never had the opportunity to discuss in Japanese so I think that it was an opportunity to talk with many people from various countries including Japanese. I would like to participate if I have the opportunity in the next semester. I think that Kyoto was the best for the trip. And in Korea I experienced a Japanese culture that I cannot experience. I went to Hatsumode with someone who took care of me when I was a language teacher, I ate Osechi dishes and squatted beans. I think that I had a very rare experience because I cannot experience in Korea. When I came to Japan, I watched an old drama at home and studied Japanese novels so that I could become more Japanese. I think that I was able to wear Japanese expression while reading drama and books.
As for learning, I received phonetics, linguistics and Japanese language studies while receiving Japanese class at the International Center. I think that it was a lesson that I learned that I was mistakenly aware of what I learned Japanese and what I did not know. I think that it became an opportunity to raise Japanese proficiency. And major in classes mainly listened to grammar, linguistics and pronunciation that I was interested from long ago. Since grammar class was a class to discuss my thought while learning more than what I learned in Korea, I think that I could learn Japanese more deeply. Since phonetics could not be learned in Korea, I could learn a lot about pronunciation. The linguistic students became opportunities to compare the principles of English and Japanese languages in a different way but noticed that there are many similarities but many classes and how it would be in the case of Korean. I am planning to research more about Japanese in the future while studying where I came to Japan and I could not learn in Korea.

Results of study abroad, future goals

During my study abroad, I think that my Japanese has grown quite easily. When I read a lot of kanji so that I read books, every time I got lost by kanji, the time to read books got shorter. I am interested in translation and I am interested in every expression in Japanese and I think that studying here has been very useful. I think that I learned something I did not know while learning every field in Japanese. Especially when translating while studying grammar in Japanese, I could also think about why it was difficult to interpret as well. Moreover, I think that it became a trigger to think whether to study properly what kind of point is similar and which point is different between Japanese and Korean, wearing all the Japanese culture and how it differs from Korean culture. I am thinking of studying Japanese in the future compared with Korean. And I also want to continue translating Japanese books introducing Korean books and vice versa and introduce them to Japan. Although it is still difficult to translate Korean into Japanese, I hope to have a chance to continue studying and introduce Korean culture and literature to Japan.